Ghost Trackers Episodes and Where to Watch Them

Ghost Trackers is a children’s reality TV show that ran from 2006 – 2008 in which teens investigated cases of paranormal activity.

They aren’t currently streaming online and are very limited on YouTube. They aren’t available on DVD or VHS. We will update once we get more information.

You can get a related Ghost Trackers book on Amazon (not to be confused with the fictional ghost hunting book series by Ghost Hunters’ Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson). You might be better off checking out a road trip blog with a haunted twist.

List of Ghost Trackers Episodes

The Ghosts of Madison’s Inn

Show Finale: Seven ghosts are said to haunt the 125-year-old inn located in Kincardine, Ontario, Canada.

The Dark Lady of Custom House

Ghosts roam the halls in this haunted halls of the Custom House located in in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Erchless Estates

A woman’s spirit haunts the Erchless Estate located in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

Fear in the Fort

The kids return to Fort York, a battlefiend of the War of 1812.

Phantoms of the City

The kids return to investigate the spirit of Lady Hannah said to roam the halls of the Campbell House Museum in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Terror in the Tunnel

The kids return to Toronto’s Casa Loma castle to check out the haunted coach house.

Guelph Jail

Guelph Jail, located in Ontario, Canada, has rumors of a haunting.

Balls Falls Mill

The kids investigate the old mill located in the ghost town of Ball’s Falls, Ontario, Canada.

Keefer Mansion

The Ghost Trackers check out the Keefer Mansion, a landmark and noted spooky spot in Ontario, Canada, which used to be a hospital and a nursing home.

Stage Fright

The kids investigate a haunting at Harbourfront Theatre in Toronto, Ontaria, Canada.

Alone in the Country

This investigation takes places at the haunted Herald House in Canada, not to be confused with India or New Zealand sites.

Tracker’s Inn Trouble

Near Toronto, Ontario Canada, the kids investigate Montgomery’s Inn.

Fear in the Farmhouse

The team checks out the rumor that poltergeists plague the Spruce Lane Farm.

Madison Inn, One Minute in a Museum

Conroy and Cassie compete to become The Ultimate Ghost Tracker.

Orillia Opera House

Come along as the kids investigate the Orillia Opera House.

Bertie Hall

Creepy dolls and secret societies created one of the early series’ favorite episodes as the kids head to Bertie Hall.

Fort Erie

Investigtors stop at Fort Erie in Ontario, Canada, to check out rumors of a haunting.

Woodland Ruins

Abandoned mansions are the best! The kids travel to Woodland Ruins to uncover it’s ghostly past.

Spruce Lane Farms

Spruce Lane Farm could be home to poltergeists or something even more sinister. Are the kids safe?

HMCS Haida

Haunted ships hold a special place in the hearts of many ghosthunting enthusiasts. The Ghost Trackers attempt to unravel the mystery surrounding a WWII destroyer, HMCS Haida.

Ireland House

Ireland House hauntings call for a need to investigate, and the kids are on the case!

The Dark Lady of Custom House

Customs House in Hamilton, Ontario, is rumoured to be haunted by a female ghost from the past.

Leacock House

The summer home of author Stephen Leacock, located in Orillia, Ontario, takes center stage in this investigation.

Oakville Theatre (Performing Arts Center)

Is the Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts haunted? The kids will find out … if it kills them.

Campbell House

Rumors of hauntings in the Campbell House Museum are investigated when the kids stop in Toronto.

Freaky Findings

Ever wonder what it takes to make a ghost hunting reality show? Go behind the scenes in this insider episode.

The Ghost of Castle Kilbride

Pilot: Natasha and Ron and Natasha suss out the rumors of Castle Kilbride.

Keep an eye out for future episodes of Ghost Trackers.