Discover the Best Places to Go Ghost Hunting in Michigan

best places to go ghost hunting in Michigan

Looking for the book, “Ghost Hunting in Michigan”? Click here.


If you’re looking for information on ghosting huntin the Great Lake State, keep reading. On this page, we’re going to cover:


  • Michigan ghost hunting groups
  • Michigan ghost hunting tours, and
  • Michigan’s most-haunted places


We’ll also provide you with a handy weather guide and give you a heads up on the best ghost hunting gear available to handle the state’s temperate climate.


Michigan’s Ghost Hunting Groups


There are roughly 150 paranormal societies in Michigan, some are more active than others. For instance, the book above was written by a member of the SouthEast Michigan Ghost Hunters Society (SEMGHS). They’re hardly the only paranormal society in Michigan however. If you live in the state and are eager to cut your teeth, get in touch with one of the ghost hunting groups listed here.


Michigan Ghost Hunting Tours


Our favorite ghost hunting planner is Mystery Road Trip. The mystery travel blog will help you select the right hotel and the right activities for a frightfully good time. They can even help you plan a haunted cruise and tour. 


“The coolest thing about haunted travel,” said founder, Hilary Ferrand, “is that opportunities can be found anywhere. Every country in the world has its own ghost stories. Every town has its own haunted places.”


Some of her favorites are in iconic cities in Europe, like Rome, but there are plenty right here.


Here are the top ghost hunting tours in Michigan:


  • Kalamazoo Haunted Tours
  • Haunted Detroit
  • Haunts of Mackinac
  • Grey Ghost
  • Lantern Light Ghost Walk
  • The Haunted Old Mill of Dundee
  • Farmington Hills Haunted Winery


A haunted tour in Michigan can include ghost hunting gear and leaders who teach you how it’s used, or it can be a quiet walk in a cemetery with actors reciting the perfect poetry to make your hair curl. If you’d like more information, contact OBT with the dates of your trip and details on your traveling party.


Michigan’s Most Haunted Places


So, you want to go it alone? We can’t blame you. There’s something extra spooky about whipping out an EVP when you’re on your own. Plus, it seems like people who are drawn to debunking haunts are the type who dance to the rhythm of their drums.


The truth is, you don’t need a formal tour or group to start ghost hunting or book your Michigan flights. And really, what an amazing activity to introduce yourself to a new area? Grab your gear, check local regulations and head out to one of the most haunted places in Michigan:


  • Doherty Hotel in Clare
  • Terrace Inn in Potesky
  • The Whitney in Detroit
  • Seul Choix Point Lighthouse in Gulliver
  • The Armory Arts Village in Jackson
  • Mission Point Resort in Mackinac


Whether you go out with a paranormal society, a scheduled ghost tour or you’re doing a solo trip, keep the following in mind:


  • Michigan has a temperate climate and four distinct seasons
  • Cloudy days are common in Michigan due to condensation coming from the Great Lakes
  • Michigan has high humidity for the same reason
  • Thunderstorms are common in the Southern Peninsula
  • Tornado season is late spring through early fall


In other words, would-be ghost hunters need to check the weather before planning a trip and again right before heading out. Humidity can absolutely impact your camera equipment. Lightning, tornadoes and flash flooding can put you at risk, and they can create risky conditions for hunting in remote (especially abandoned) places. As always, take proper legal and safety precautions and strive to be a pleasant guest.


We’re looking for people to review ghost hunting gear, so if you hit the Michigan haunts, please get in touch and let us know how your equipment prevailed in the state’s tumultuous weather.


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