“Ghost” …. A few don’t believe in it, for a few it’s their passion to get deep into the darkness, to explore the unknown, to traverse the untrodden. Ghosts are always the best mystery starting from the beginning of the human civilization. These are considered as the soul of the people who are not so lucky as to receive a proper death.

With the advancement of the science, the 21st century the scientists & scholars are researching & investigating on this unknown part of our culture. Among them, a few are over courageous, and they take the lead to communicate with this invisible soul. These people take pride in one of the scariest hunting games of the Earth known as Ghost Hunting or sprit Hunting

A hunter has his own set of apparels, similarly, a Ghost hunter needs a much developed and advanced technology to take an upper hand on those invisible spirits. The instruments and gears that facilitates this purpose are generally considered to be ghost hunting gears. Paranormal researcher uses this type of equipment to find the paranormal activity.

The below mentioned few are the best of the gears that we have sorted and listed after multiple reviews & experiences from experienced paranormal activists.

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Digital camera For capturing any visual displacement or activity maximum paranormal researcher uses a digital camera. It is very useful for a ghost hunter. But full of darkness area it is not useful.
Digital audio recorder They also use the digital audio recorder for capturing the sound generating from any haunted place.
Tablet/ PC Tablet PC is used to capture audio, video data or any electromagnetic fluctuations.
Digital thermometers A digital thermometer is used to record the environmental temperature of a haunted place.
EMF meters Some paranormal researcher uses EMF meters to detect any electromagnetic fluctuation because of a ghost.
Night vision camera Some ghost hunter uses night vision camera which is able to capture video in darkness.
Compasses Compasses are also used to detect the activity spot of the paranormal instances, to gather knowledge of the wind in the outdoor locations, as well as its principal purpose of locating directions
Giger counters It is used to detect the fluctuation of radiation.
Infrared and ultrasonic sensors It is used for any paranormal activities in given areas. The main difference between both of them is the environments they are used. Infrared sensors fail to act in the absence of light while the ultrasonic ones succeed.
Air concentration detecting equipment Ghost hunters use to determine the concentration of air in given areas. These handy tools are also known as PCE meters or air quality checkers. These devices show the percentages of the components of the air, pollution level, toxicity & whether it is the researchers could survive in that environment or not.
Ghost Box Some ghost hunter uses an electronic device naming ghost box to communicate with spirits.
Torches & Illumination devices Ghost hunters mostly start their work from evening to midnight, so they must need lights, torch etc.